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Definition: to convince someone to do something gently, through coaxing, flattery, persistence, or sometimes through false assurances

Synonyms: coax, charm, wheedle, flatter, lure, beguile

Antonyms: force, threaten

Tips: Cajole may come from a combination of the early Modern French cajoler, which means "to chatter like a jay" and from the Old French gaiole for "to coax into a cage." Cajole is very similar to coax. Although coax sounds more harsh than cajole, coax is used to denote a softer, more gentle persuasion, while cajole involves flattery along with gentle persuasion to induce action. For a memory trick, note how cajole sounds like "caged owl." Now, imagine trying to talk the caged owl into coming out of the cage. You might have to cajole (talk nicely, lure) the caged owl in order to get it to come out of its cage.

Usage Examples:

I can't believe he cajoled me into coming here; it's not at all like he described! (wheedled, lured)

If anyone can cajole you into coming tonight, it is our mother, because she always knows the right thing to say. (coax, flatter)

You can't cajole me into doing your chores while you go out and play. (flatter, coax, lure)

He cajoled me into coming to work for him, even though I already had a great job. (charmed, lured, coaxed)

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