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Definition: to polish something such as metal in order to make it smooth and shiny

Synonyms: polish, buff, smooth, shine, gloss, glaze

Antonyms: tarnish

Tips: In some cases, burnish can be used figuratively to mean "to improve the appearance of something," such as a person's image or reputation. As a noun, burnish means "a smooth and shiny finish."

Usage Examples:

A true craftsman, he could restore and burnish metal works like teapots, vases, and statues to make them shine like new. (polish, buff)

When you finish with your pottery, we can burnish it to give a more finished and professional look. (polish, shine, glaze)

In my jewelry-making class, we're currently learning how to burnish our pieces to give them a high shine. (buff, polish)

The politician hired a high-profile public relations agency in hopes of burnishing his image with the public. (polishing, smoothing)

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