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Definition: overly confident and self-assertive

Synonyms: presumptuous, arrogant, brazen, conceited, vain, self-assertive, overconfident

Antonyms: self-effacing, modest

Tips: Bumptious may have been created in the 19th century by combining the words "bump" and "fractious," which means "quarrelsome." For a memory trick, note how bumptious sounds like "bump chests." Now, imagine a person who is bumptious and sticks out his chest in hopes to "bump chests" with other people at a party to show how big his chest is and to display how much stronger he is than other people. That would be bumptious.

Usage Examples:

The older man was irritated by the bumptious attitude of the young men who seemed to believe that they knew how to run the organization better than he did. (arrogant, presumptuous)

She was a bumptious girl who believed she deserved the best and was willing to push aside those who stood in her way of getting it. (conceited, self-assertive, overconfident)

His bumptious and overbearing attitude during client meetings needs to be restrained, or our clients will think we're a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls. (presumptuous, arrogant, overconfident)

Mike tried to conceal his insecurities with a bumptious manner, but his seeming arrogance was not impressive. (assertive, overconfident)

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