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Definition: 1. a breaking of the law or of a rule; 2. a gap, fissure, break, or tear; 3. a rift or break in a relationship or pattern; 4. the leaping out of the water by a whale

Synonyms: break, gap, rift, hole, divide, estrangement, fissure, violation, infraction

Antonyms: bridge, unity, upholding

Tips: Breach is related to the word break. It is often used in the expression "to be in breach of something." Breach can also be a verb, meaning "to break, violate, or trespass."

Usage Examples:

I know that if I do not follow the appropriate protocol or do not uphold my end of the agreement, I can be accused of breach of contract. (violation)

The counselor told the struggling couple that the breach in their relationship was not insurmountable. (rift, estrangement)

Once he was let out of prison, the convict could not leave the state, or he would be in breach of his parole. (violation, infraction)

There is a large breach of time that you left out of your story. What happened during that? (gap, hole)

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