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Definition: 1. overly bold and lacking shame; 2. made of brass or the color of brass; 3. harsh-sounding, as if hitting brass

Synonyms: bold, brassy, impudent, shameless, impetuous, nervy, cheeky

Antonyms: timid, shameful

Tips: Brazen usually describes a negative act or a person who is shameless and has no regard for his or her rudeness or inappropriateness. A person who is brazen is both audacious (overly bold) and brash (harsh and offensive).

Usage Examples:

Such brazen acts of disrespect will not be tolerated while I'm in charge! (bold, shameless, impudent)

Outside the memorial was a brazen statue of a man in prayer. (brass)

The wedding guest's brazen attempt to steal the attention from the bride by wearing a sexy, white dress was not well regarded. (shameless, nervy)

Her brazen comments were really meant to shock the audience rather than to make any specific point. (bold, impudent, cheeky)

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