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Definition: 1. rash, hasty, or premature; 2. assertive to the point of being offense; 3. brittle or breakable; 4. overly colorful, bold, or bright

Synonyms: bold, brazen, impudent, rash, impetuous, reckless, audacious, cheeky, overconfident, aggressive

Antonyms: reserved, thought-out

Tips: Brash is synonymous with rash when used to describe something that was done in haste or without thought of potential outcome. Use whichever word best flows with your sentence. Brash can also be used to describe an action or someone that is overly assertive to the point of being offensive. Similar to audacious, but audacious is more "bold" while brash is more "rude." Note: brazen is both audacious (bold) and brash (rude). As a noun, brash can refer to rubble or trash. Brash is also related to impudent. See impudent for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

We have plenty of time to plan, so there is no need for brash action. (reckless, rash)

That was very brash of Jim to spill wine on her carpet without offering an apology. (rude)

Don't be so brash; take a moment to think about your actions. (rash, impetuous, reckless)

I admit that quitting my job so abruptly was brash, but under the circumstances, I felt I had no choice. (bold, rash, overconfident)

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