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Definition: someone who is unrefined, rude, and insensitive

Synonyms: oaf, brute, vulgarian, rustic, peasant, clown, barbarian

Antonyms: gentleman/lady

Tips: The adjective form of boor is boorish, meaning "like a boor" or "rude and insensitive." Both words come from the Dutch word boer, "peasant." Memory trick: Think how boorish it would be for fans to boo while a golfer was trying to concentrate on a shot.

Usage Examples:

If you don't stop acting so boorish, none of your friends will want to be around you. (rude, insensitive) adjective

I know it seems harsh to call him a boor, but the man spent all night belching loudly and making inappropriate comments to the waitress. (oaf, brute, barbarian)

He is a boor, and I do not want him attending my elegant dinner party. (oaf, brute)

In a boorish attempt at superiority, the young man tried to start a fight with a stranger. (vulgar, rude, oafish) adjective

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