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Definition: 1. ostentatiously lofty; 2. given to large talk

Synonyms: pompous, ostentatious, oratorical, overblown

Antonyms: unimpassioned, unaffected

Tips: It may help you to remember that bombastic means "overblown" by thinking of a "bomb." Someone who is bombastic is so full of himself, so pretentious, and so pompous that he or she is about to explode like a bomb. A bombastic person will explode with verbose, long-winded speech that is meant to impress, but usually falls flat for lack of substance. Bombastic should be reserved for people who are pretentious, pompous, ostentatious, and verbose all wrapped into one. Bombastic is a special critique reserved for exceptionally egotistical people who are full of themselves and express it with their speech. See pretentious for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

The chairman was given to bombastic remarks and often embarrassed the other board members during presentations. (overblown, pompous)

His bombastic comments often offend or annoy people. (ostentatious, pompous)

The bombastic CEO caused another controversy with his outlandish comments. (pompous)

His bombastic remarks often created controversy because people thought he was serious, when in fact, he was just being pompous and showy. (oratorical, pompous)

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