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Definition: 1. completely obvious and unmasked; 2. noisy and loud to the point of rudeness or offense

Synonyms: brazen, clamorous, vociferous, obvious, noisy, obtrusive, egregious, glaring, conspicuous

Antonyms: subtle

Tips: Blatant nearly always describes something that is obvious or offensive. It is different from the word flagrant, which describes the extremity and shock of something offensive. If someone states or does something blatantly, it is done brazenly and obviously, without trying to hide anything.

Usage Examples:

That was a flagrant foul when the athlete blatantly struck his opponent's hand with the intention to harm him. (glaringly, obviously) adverb

The blatant screeching and loud music of our neighbors' incessant pool parties was enough to nearly drive us out of the neighborhood. (noisy, clamorous, offensive)

In a show of disrespect, he blatantly interrupted the conversation and started going on and on about himself. (brazenly, glaringly) adverb

I can't be around somebody with such a blatant lack of manners and disregard for other people. (obvious, egregious)

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