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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) occurring every two years; (n.) 1. an event that happens every two years; 2. in botany, having a two-year life cycle, with the blooming of flowers and blossoming of fruit taking place in the second year

Synonyms: biyearly

Antonyms: annual, perennial

Tips: The difference between biennial and biannual is significant, but often misunderstood. While biennial refers to something that happens one time every two years, biannual refers to something that happens two times in one year. Note that the synonym biyearly can mean both "every other year" and "twice a year."

Usage Examples:

This Christmas, we will make our biennial trip to see my family; last year was my husband's family's turn. (every other year) adjective

Every other year, she has a garden party to celebrate the blooming of her biennials. (biyearly [flowers], blooming every second year) noun

The biennial Halloween parade was held in the years when the Thanksgiving parade was not. (happening every other year) adjective

The biennials I planted last year will bloom this spring. (bi-yearly [flowers]) noun

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