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Definition: 1. not dangerous or harmful; 2. pleasant and gentle in disposition or appearance; 3. good or favorable

Synonyms: pleasant, friendly, kind, gentle, favorable, benevolent, harmless

Antonyms: malignant, harmful, dangerous, unkind, unfavorable

Tips: When learning the word benign, think, "beneficial." Benign is used in the medical field to describe non-cancerous growths or tumors. You will notice that the prefix "ben-" often precedes positive words like benign, benevolent, and benefactor. While the prefix "mal-" often proceeds negative words like malignant (the opposite of benign), malcontent, and malice.

Usage Examples:

The benign manner of the nurse put the little girl at ease during her visit to the doctor. (pleasant, friendly)

Ginger smiled benignly at her son as she placed a bandage on his cut. (kindly, gently) adverb

The doctor assuaged my worries when she told me that the tumor in my breast was most likely benign. (harmless)

He intended the practical joke to be benign, but his victim ended up hurt. (harmless, friendly)

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