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Definition: 1. a standard used to evaluate similar things; 2. a point of reference

Synonyms: standard, criterion, touchstone, measure, reference point, yard stick, baseline


Tips: Benchmark has a special use in computing and land surveying. A benchmark can test computer performance. In surveying, a benchmark is a permanent object of known elevation, used in topographical measurement. Benchmark may also be written "bench mark." In business, the word benchmark is used to describe a measurement of success by which to measure future success.

Usage Examples:

Sara's work on the project set a new benchmark for us all. (standard)

Many people look to their role models as benchmarks for their own success. (reference points, touchstones)

The auto makerís quality record set a new benchmark for the industry. (standard, measure)

The company's new manufacturing process increased production by fifty percent, creating a new benchmark for expected output. (standard, baseline)

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