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Definition: an extreme desire to get or retain wealth--powerful greed

Synonyms: greed, greediness, cupidity, covetousness

Antonyms: generosity, selflessness

Tips: Avarice is listed as one of the "Seven Deadly Sins," first enumerated by theologian Thomas Aquinas, and since, becoming part of popular culture. Avarice is a more sophisticated way of saying "greed." For a memory trick, note how avarice sounds like "a vat of rice." Now imagine a pirate, on a pirate ship, who has the last "vat (container) of rice" on the ship. Imagine the avarice (greed) he would have in protecting his "vat of rice."

Usage Examples:

His avarice for wealth made him miserly, even though he had more money than most people could spend in a lifetime. (greed)

Her avarice drove her to commit the embezzlement, even though she knew it was wrong. (cupidity, greed)

John despised avarice and always made it a point to be charitable. (greed)

We don't know where his avarice stems from, since everyone in his family has always been very generous and never greedy. (greediness)

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