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Definition: 1. existing as an independent entity (especially in government); 2. free from external constraint; 3. able to make free and independent decisions

Synonyms: independent, self-governing, self-sufficient, free, self-contained

Antonyms: controlled, governed, ruled, affiliated

Tips: The related noun autonomy refers to sovereignty, independence, or self-rule. Although autonomous and autonomy are political terms, they are often used in business to discuss autonomous (independent) departments or an office that is able operate with autonomy--without heavy oversight from a parent company.

Usage Examples:

Some people have expressed the opinion that California should secede from the United States and become an autonomous government. (independent, self-governing)

Iím sorry, but you just donít have the autonomy to make those kinds of decisions on your own; next time, check with me first. (freedom, independence) noun

Our group retains the right to make autonomous decisions without input from the board of directors. (independent, self-contained)

The civil unrest has continued for years because the minority ethnic group wants autonomy. (independence, freedom, self-rule) noun

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