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Definition: 1. repayment, compensation, or reparation made for a wrongdoing or mistake; 2. in Christianity, the renewed relationship between God and humans through the death of Jesus

Synonyms: reparation, compensation, amends, penance, repayment, restitution, redress, satisfaction

Antonyms: separation

Tips: The verb form of atonement is atone. When you atone for something, you are making up for wrongdoing. When atonement is capitalized, "Atonement," it typically refers to the second meaning of the reconciliation Christians believe was achieved between God and people through Jesus Christ.

Usage Examples:

She spent a long time considering how she might make atonement for the terrible way she had treated her mother. (restitution, reparation)

The husband looked for a way to atone for forgetting his wife's birthday. (compensate, make up) verb

Mike atoned for his rude behavior with a heartfelt apology. (made amends) verb

A simple smile and apology will not serve as proper atonement for wrecking my brand new car. (compensation, reparation)

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