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Definition: able to be perceptive and to make intelligent decisions and judgments

Synonyms: perceptive, discerning, intelligent, clever, cunning, shrewd, crafty, wily, sly

Antonyms: imperceptive, ignorant, na´ve

Tips: Astute is usually used as a compliment, but unlike simply saying that a person or idea is intelligent, astute implies that the person is shrewd and knows how to get what he or she wants. Astute essentially refers to discerning intelligence, especially where personal benefit is to be derived (e.g. "He is an astute investor").

Usage Examples:

Her astute cultural observations made her one of the most noted anthropologists of her time. (perceptive, discerning)

The astute investor made even more money in the stock market than in his business. (wily, shrewd)

Lisa's astute analysis of the situation allowed her to make the right decision when hiring a project manager. (perceptive, discerning)

You have always been an astute observer of human behavior, which is why I trust you when you have a good feeling about someone. (perceptive, discerning)

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