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Definition: 1. to make similar, esp. by absorption into a culture or population; 2. to take into the mind or system

Synonyms: integrate, incorporate, absorb, adjust, acculturate, adapt, conform, acclimatize, digest, grasp

Antonyms: separate, misunderstand, reject

Tips: Assimilate means "to absorb." In physiology, assimilate means "to absorb into the body." The most common prepositions used with assimilate are "to," "into," and "with." Assimilate is often used to describe the adoption and learning of a new culture. Think of absorbing a new culture and how you have to really live in a country to assimilate (absorb) the country's culture. It's also a more sophisticated way to describe learning and absorbing knowledge: i.e: "I was able to quickly assimilate (absorb) the new words into my active vocabulary."

Usage Examples:

She was quick to assimilate the new information, and that was part of what made her such a valuable employee. (grasp, absorb)

The children were quicker to assimilate than their parents, adopting American dress, language, and culture with relative ease. (adapt, conform)

Most people assimilate new languages gradually over time, but she had the uncanny ability to rapidly master new languages. (integrate)

It is important for new immigrants to assimilate into their adopted culture. (integrate, acculturate)

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