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Definition: marked by careful, determined effort and showing hard work, care, and attention to detail

Synonyms: industrious, undeviating, diligent, conscientious, hard-working, attentive, dedicated

Antonyms: negligent

Tips: Assiduous originated from the Latin word assidere, which essentially means "to sit in one place" or "to apply oneself." Someone who is assiduous is not easily distracted or deterred from the task at hand and can be focused until the job at hand is done. When learning assiduous, think of sitting on your "ass" and working in an efficient and focused manner until you are done. An assiduous student would sit on his "ass" doing homework until he was finished with it. An assiduous investor would sit and read through all of the investment information before she made an investment. Think of the assiduous reader, worker, student, planner, and anyone else who sits and works diligently to get a job done. Note: although the etymology of assiduous clearly points to sitting, you don't have to be sitting to be assiduous; you just need to work hard and efficiently, with attention to detail.

Usage Examples:

She receives straight A's, not because she is a genius, but because she is an assiduous student who never wavers from her commitment to excel. (diligent, hard-working)

His assiduous devotion to the project resulted in a quick turnaround with virtually no errors. (conscientious, industrious)

The market was so complex that even assiduous investors had a hard time determining in which companies to invest. (conscientious, attentive)

I remember Dave as an assiduous student who always came to class well-prepared. (diligent, hard-working)

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