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Definition: 1. to confidently or forcefully declare something to be true; 2. to demonstrate power or significance; 3. to insist on being recognized

Synonyms: declare, affirm, allege, avow, protest, maintain, state, assure, profess, aver, postulate

Antonyms: deny, controvert

Tips: Assert is sometimes used with a reflexive pronoun, such as: "assert oneself," "assert yourself," or "assert herself." The expression means that someone is expressing self-confidence, demonstrating his or her authority, or striving to garner respect from others. If something is stated assertively, it is stated strongly and confidently. To assert something is to confidently, strongly, and boldly state something to be true. Assert is related to affirm, aver, attest, and avow. See a detailed analysis of these words at attest.

Usage Examples:

He never misses an opportunity to assert his political opinions. (state, declare, pronounce)

The new boss began to assert his authority soon after assuming his position. (demonstrate)

The boy was often left out of activities before he learned to assert himself. (postulate, declare)

The girl asserted her independence by moving out of her parents' home at a young age. (declared, affirmed)

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