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Definition: 1. a disparaging statement; 2. a slanderous remark and attack on one's character

Synonyms: slur, affront, invective, calumny, defamation, vilification, slander

Antonyms: praise, compliment

Tips: Aspersion is related to the word asperity. Asperity is harshness, while an aspersion is a harsh or disparaging statement. i.e: "I don't understand his asperity (harshness) or why he is inclined to say such nasty aspersions (disparaging remarks) to his colleagues." In religious settings, aspersion may refer to the sprinkling of water as in a Christian baptism, but this usage is very rare.

Usage Examples:

The newspaper was heavily fined for the printed aspersion of the candidate. (defamation, slander)

Because the aspersions made against John damaged his credibility and his ability to get a new job, he sued the organization. (defamatory remarks, slurs)

I was deeply hurt by the aspersion, especially since I had no idea why she would say such an awful thing to me. (affront, invective)

The religious commitment made during the rite was symbolized by the aspersion of water on the participant. (sprinkling)

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