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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to express oneself clearly and coherently; 2. to pronounce distinctly; 3. to unite or connect through a joint in order to allow movement; (adj.) 1. expressed coherently and with clarity; 2. skillful with words

Synonyms: (v.) enunciate, verbalize, explain, clarify, expound, join, link, connect, (adj.) eloquent, expressive, clear, coherent, distinct, lucid

Antonyms: (v.) mumble, (adj.) inarticulate, incoherent, unclear

Tips: To articulate means "to speak clearly," both in pronunciation and how you present your ideas. As an adjective, articulate is similar to coherent. Both are used to describe superb communication skills. Articulate can be used to describe clear and eloquent communication, while coherent can be used to describe logical and easily understood communication. Note the difference in pronunciation between the verb and adjective forms of articulate: The verb has a hard "a" as in the word "late," while the adjective is a soft "a."

Usage Examples:

Suzy had definite opinions, but she was often unable to express them in an articulate manner. (clear, coherent) adjective

The lawyer's articulate defense of her client was instrumental in securing his release. (eloquent, coherent) adjective

When asking for a promotion, it's important to articulate your contributions to the company. (verbalize, explain) verb

It's important to be as articulate as possible when speaking to a large group. (clear, expressive) adjective

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