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Definition: 1. to make peace with; 2. to gain the good will of

Synonyms: alleviate, mollify, pacify, calm, soothe, assuage

Antonyms: aggravate, infuriate

Tips: Appease is derived from the Old French pais, "peace." To appease means to "make peace." The word is different from other similar words like pacify, assuage, alleviate, and mollify in that it's final--you make peace and there is finality. For a memory trick, note how appease sounds like "Amy's peas." Now, imagine a girl named Amy who loves peas, and when she gets hungry, she gets testy. Now imagine appeasing (calming, pacifying) Amy's hunger and bad mood by giving her peas.

Usage Examples:

After working all day without time for a lunch break, Neal finally appeased his hunger with a candy bar. (pacified, calmed)

When my dog barked throughout the night, I tried to appease my neighbors by bringing them cookies the next day. (calm, pacify)

My husband's smile usually appeases any anger I might be feeling. (alleviates, soothes)

He tried to appease his wife by bringing home flowers the day after he hurt her feelings. (assuage, mollify)

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