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Definition: an irregularity or peculiarity that deviates from normal expectations and can be difficult to identify or classify--something odd or unusual

Synonyms: peculiarity, abnormality, deviation, oddity, irregularity, curiosity, discrepancy, exception, aberration

Antonyms: normalcy, constancy, regularity

Tips: Anomaly is often used in statistics to describe an occurrence that seems out of the norm or unexplainable. See enigma for additional analysis of anomaly.

Usage Examples:

I donít think we need to worry about that happening again; it was just a one time anomaly. (irregularity, discrepancy)

I donít think we can explain the precipitous drop in sales last month; now that sales have increased back to normal, I think the drop was just an anomaly. (abnormality, exception)

The cardiologist was looking for anomalies that might indicate heart disease in the patient's blood. (irregularities, abnormalities)

I have diligently researched every possible answer for why our network crashed, and I have come up empty handed; I'm convinced it was an unexplainable anomaly. (oddity, irregularity)

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