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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) extreme anxiety or distress; (v.) 1. to cause distress; 2. to suffer great pain or distress

Synonyms: (n.) agony, misery, grief, pain, suffering, (v.) torment, agonize, grieve

Antonyms: relief, solace, comfort

Tips: Anguish is derived from the Latin angustus, which means "narrow or tight." Think of how most people feel when they are in tight quarters and have no room to breathe--think about the anguish of being stuck in an elevator with 6 other people. For a memory trick, note how anguish looks like a combination of angle and squish. Now, imagine the anguish you would feel if you were squished into the corner of a room full of people. When used as an adjective, anguished means pained or tormented.

Usage Examples:

Joan's anguished plea for help sparked the sympathy of the whole community. (pained, tormented) adjective

Although Sarah's anguish over the tragedy seemed inexhaustible, she eventually recovered her cheery nature. (misery, suffering) noun

She anguished her daughter with her constant complaints and longings for the past. (tormented) verb

Sometimes, courts are willing to grant personal injury victims compensation for mental anguish as well as for medical expenses. (suffering, agony) noun

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