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Definition: 1. object of loathing; 2. someone who is cursed or shunned; 3. in religion, a curse accompanied by excommunication

Synonyms: abomination, pariah, curse, malediction, horror, aversion, loathing

Antonyms: love, laudation, praise

Tips: Anathema is derived from the Greek anathema, meaning "someone or something devoted to evil." If you are an anathema, you are a person who is loathed for your evil ways. Anathema is synonymous with pariah. A pariah also refers to someone who is loathed, rejected, or disliked, but is less harsh than anathema, which is used to describe a person who is loathed and abhorred because of their evil ways. Anathema is also synonymous with abomination, which also denotes something that causes an aversion and is strongly disliked and hated. This context refers more to objects, ideas, and principals that create a strong and heavy aversion, dislike, or disgust.

Usage Examples:

Professor Smith's ideas were anathema to most of his colleagues. (abominations)

Jim was excused from active duty the day before the battle, since the idea of taking another's life was anathema to him. (an aversion, loath)

The ideas of the rebels were anathema to the loyalists. (abominations)

He was an anathema who frightened people everywhere he went. (pariah)

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