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Definition: a state of disorder and chaos, usually resulting from the absence of government or formal control

Synonyms: lawlessness, chaos, disorder, disarray, pandemonium, confusion

Antonyms: lawfulness, order

Tips: Anarchy comes from the Greek word anarkhos, "without a ruler." A society without a leader or central government is said to be under anarchy. An anarchist is someone who does not believe in government, but believes that individuals should be free to live their lives as they see fit, without any law, government, or interference.

Usage Examples:

The lack of leadership caused a state of anarchy among the project team. (confusion, disorder, chaos)

Without any leadership, our company will slowly slide into a state of anarchy. (disarray, disorder)

The prison guards were watchful of any evidence of anarchy amongst the prisoners. (lawlessness, disorder)

The anarchists vowed to see the abolishment of government in their lifetime. (people who don't believe in government)

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