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Definition: 1. to relieve or lessen; 2. to make easier

Synonyms: mitigate, assuage, allay, lessen, lighten, relieve, ease

Antonyms: aggravate, intensify, increase, augment

Tips: Alleviate is derived from the Latin levis, "light." Think of making a burden lighter. The related word levity refers to lightness or amusement in attitude or behavior, so if you alleviate something, you make it lighter and less burdensome or grave.

Usage Examples:

The medication instantly alleviated the patient's pain. (relieved, lightened)

Jon's weekly phone calls were able to alleviate some of his mother's worry while he was stationed overseas. (assuage, ease)

The city is adding an additional lane to the highway in order to alleviate some of the rush-hour gridlock. (lessen, lighten)

Exercise is an excellent way to alleviate stress. (relieve, ease)

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