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Definition: 1. to increase or enhance; 2. to exaggerate the greatness of somebody or something; 3. to add details; 4. to improve the status of something or somebody

Synonyms: augment, increase, enlarge, enhance, extend, heighten, glorify, glamorize, magnify, boost, elevate

Antonyms: decrease, diminish, belittle

Tips: Aggrandize is derived from the Latin grandis, "great or large." The related adjective grandiose (notice "grand" in both words) refers to something that is excessively large or grand and is usually unrealistic and not achievable, or is pompous and imposing. The verb aggrandize refers to exaggerating and speaking in a grandiose manner.

Usage Examples:

Children tend to aggrandize their accomplishments as being especially grandiose, since they are eager for approval and recognition. (glamorize, glorify)

John's report aggrandized his own role in the company, while belittling others' work. (glorified, elevated)

He likes to aggrandize his accomplishments by embellishing the details and exaggerating the facts. (enlarge, heighten)

The book review aggrandized the author's talent so much, it must have been written by his best friend. (elevated, glorified) verb

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