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Definition: 1. characterized by opposition; 2. contrary to one's interests or welfare; 3. causing harm

Synonyms: opposing, contrary, unfavorable, harmful, negative, antagonistic, hostile

Antonyms: helpful, fortuitous

Tips: Adverse is derived from the Latin adversus, "turned against or hostile." One may encounter adverse conditions either in everyday life or in nature. In medicine, an "adverse event" is a negative reaction to a drug or treatment. The related noun adversity refers to misfortune or difficulty. Note: do not confuse adverse with averse, which means "feeling disinclined." (i.e.: "He is risk-averse--not inclined to take on much risk--and takes precautions to avoid any adverse events.")

Usage Examples:

The children were allowed to stay home from school due to the adverse weather conditions. (unfavorable)

Even though her home was destroyed by the tornado, Mary was courageous in the face of this adversity. (misfortune, difficulty) noun

The adverse temperament of my co-worker eventually led me to look for a new job. (hostile, antagonistic)

The public interest group lobbied for the FDA to recall the drug, arguing that the potential adverse effects outweighed its benefits. (harmful, negative)

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