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Definition: 1. the process of adapting or adjusting to something; 2. the change resulting from adjusting to the environment or new circumstances; 3. the modification of something into a new form for a specific purpose

Synonyms: modification, adjustment, acclimation, conformation, alteration, change, variation, re-working

Antonyms: constancy

Tips: To adapt means "to change in order to suit different conditions or a new purpose." When something adapts to its environment, it is said to undergo adaptation. Likewise, something that is reworked into another form, like a book made into a play or film, is also called an adaptation. Something or someone that is adaptable is willing or able to change to better suit different conditions.

Usage Examples:

The movie was an adaptation of a best-selling novel. (re-working, modification)

Many European countries have found the adaptation from their previous currency to the EURO difficult. (change, adjustment)

Evolution occurs over millions of years as a result of adaptation to the changing environment. (acclimation, conformation)

He was highly adaptable to change and therefore didn't mind working under a new boss. (willing, able, well-suited, changeable) adjective

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