V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary

ad hoc

adjective, adverb

Definition: done for a specific purpose, without regard for larger or future issues

Synonyms: improvised, impromptu


Tips: When something is done for one, specific purpose, without regard for wider or future application, it is considered ad hoc.

Usage Examples:

We did not have a plan in place for the inventory shortage, so we formed an ad hoc committee to address the issue. (for a specific purpose) adjective

When the programmers weren't able to create the functionality needed in the program, they were forced to write ad hoc code to solve the problem. (improvised, addressing the specific problem) adjective

Jennifer trained for the marathon ad hoc, because she knew she would never run another one. (specifically for this) adverb

The marketing firm was hired to create a coordinated marketing strategy so that ad hoc advertising could be avoided in the future. (improvised, impromptu, specific to only one purpose) adjective

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