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Definition: to agree or give consent

Synonyms: agree, assent, comply, consent, concede, concur

Antonyms: object, protest, differ, dissent

Tips: Acquiesce is derived from the Latin acquiescere, "to remain resting." The essence of acuiesce is "to agree quietly, without protest--to put any disagreement to rest." Acquiesce is used to describe a situation where someone originally fought for an idea or silently harbored resistance to an idea, but then decided it wasn't worth fighting for, so they acquiesced (quietly agreed) to the other party's recommendation. Acquiesce is different from capitulate, where someone is forced to surrender or grudgingly give up and comply with another person's request. Acquiesce is more similar to accede. To accede is to agree and usually refers to agreeing after careful deliberation. Accede does not imply giving up or putting up resistance, but rather agreeing after consideration. The related noun acquiescence means consent, compliance, or agreement. See succumb for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

I hoped my boss would acquiesce to my request for an extended vacation. (agree, consent)

There was a nod of acquiescence from the board members as the CEO outlined his plan for the coming year. (agreement, compliance) noun

She acquiesced to his request for a second date. (agreed, conceded)

He reluctantly acquiesced to the Vice President's recommendation. (agreed)

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