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Definition: 1. agree or concede to something; 2. to take over a position of authority, especially as a monarch or ruler; 3. to take part in an agreement

Synonyms: agree, concede, assent, accept, acquiesce, yield, submit, endorse, consent, comply

Antonyms: disagree, argue, object

Tips: Accede is derived from the Latin accedere, "to come to." Think, come together in agreement. Accede usually refers to yielding or agreeing to another person's idea or plan after careful deliberation. Accede is related to acquiesce and capitulate. See analysis at acquiesce.

Usage Examples:

Dad acceded to Tim's request to use the car on Saturday night. (agreed, conceded)

It was clear that the senator voted "No" on the water bill because he was acceding to pressure from his constituency. (submitting, assenting)

I can hardly believe the sway she holds over you; you accede to her every request. (yield, agree, concede)

The Prince knows that when his father passes away, he will accede to the throne and reign as King. (accept, take over)

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