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Definition: 1. to end prematurely; 2. to abandon a mission or project

Synonyms: terminate, halt, stop, miscarry

Antonyms: continue

Tips: Abort is derived from the Latin aboriri, "to miscarry." Abort has several specific uses that may be familiar. In medicine, it can refer to the early termination of a pregnancy. In business or military affairs, abort may refer to the halting of a project or mission before it is complete. Finally, relating to computers, abort can mean to stop or end a program before it has finished its task. The related adjective abortive means "failed or unsuccessful."

Usage Examples:

Due to technical difficulties, the mission was aborted. (terminated, halted)

John's abortive attempt to ask Mary for a date was very funny to his friends. (unsuccessful) adjective

Once the computer analyst realized that his client's computer was infected with a virus, he decided to quickly abort all the operations that were running. (stop, halt)

The CEO didn't want to abort his company's planned takeover of the rival company, but with the sudden changes in the market, he felt he had no choice. (stop, terminate)

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