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Definition: to detest or reject something very strongly

Synonyms: detest, loathe, hate

Antonyms: adore, love

Tips: Abhor is derived from the Latin abhorrere, "to shrink back in horror." Abhor is an even stronger, more forceful word than "hate." The adjective abhorrent means "hateful or disgusting." Abhor is synonymous with loathe. Use abhor to describe something that you hate and almost fear because you hate it so much. Use loathe to describe something or someone that you detest and dislike deeply. (i.e: "The children abhor (fear, hate) the idea of going back to school because they loathe (detest, dislike) doing homework.")

Usage Examples:

She absolutely abhors him, so there's no point in trying to get them to talk. (hates, detests)

As an animal-rights activist, she abhors people who mistreat their pets. (hates, detests)

I abhor every kind of liquor; I never touch the stuff. (detest)

Over time, Mary began to find John's messy habits abhorrent. (hateful, disgusting) adjective

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