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Definition: 1. to shorten a word or a piece of text; 2. to shorten or reduce in scope (in general)

Synonyms: shorten, abridge, curtail, truncate, compress, diminish

Antonyms: expand, extend, prolong

Tips: Abbreviate is derived from the Latin brevis, "short." This is also the source of the word brief. If you abbreviate something, you make it shorter, more brief. The noun abbreviation refers to a word that has been abbreviated, shortened. See the related word brevity. Abbreviate usually refers to the shortening of words but can also refer to the shortening or condensing of other things. "Please provide me with an abbreviated (shortened, more brief) version of the story." There are a number of words that refer to shortening or abbreviating something. They include truncate, curtail, condense, and abridge. See a detailed analysis at condense.

Usage Examples:

The speaker quickly abbreviated his lengthy speech when he realized that his audience was bored. (curtailed, shortened)

When taking notes, I abbreviate the long words to save time. (shorten)

Mary was out of time, so she handed in an abbreviated version of her report. (abridged) adjective

It's not necessary to use the long form of the word; you can use an abbreviation instead. (shortened word) noun

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