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Definition: 1. to reduce something; 2. to become less or gradually reduce in amount or intensity; 3. to put an end to something

Synonyms: reduce, diminish, lessen, decline, subside, ebb, moderate, decrease, soften, relieve, annul, nullify, suspend

Antonyms: intensify, increase, enlarge, expand

Tips: Abate's literal meaning comes from the Old French word abatre, "to beat down." Think of suppressing or pushing something back by beating it down. You will often hear the word abate used to describe rain or stormy conditions as the rain or storm begins to let up or stop. You may also hear the word abate used to describe the quieting or slow down of any kind of upheaval or political unrest. Finally, you may see abate used to describe a reduction in taxes or a legal sentencing. The related noun abatement denotes a reduction, alleviation, or decrease.

Usage Examples:

He had a very bad temper, and it was difficult to abate his anger once he was in a bad mood. (diminish, soften, lessen)

The abatement of taxes will be a relief to those families with financial difficulties. (reduction, decrease) noun

The high court ruled to abate the previous verdict and set the man free. (nullify, suspend)

As soon as the rain had abated, all the kids ran outside to play. (subsided)

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